Style Guide: Heat Wave

Based on principle, we could never advocate going commando. We understand the appeal, especially during summer months. It’s hot as hell – sometimes hotter – and clothes are something you wish you could do without. But you can’t. What you can do however, is find lightweight underwear that’s casual, calm, and doesn’t make a fuss. We put model Gonçalo Reis in casual summer undies and brave the scorching L.A. heat to show what simple summer style is all about.

Mack Weldon and Parke & Ronen are for the commuting man. Whether it’s a sun-baked car or a suffocating wait on the MTA platform, you need something that stays relaxed and looks sharp enough to give you the confidence you need at the office. These brands know how to refine their designs with the slightest and finest touches. Personal-day pairs can come from C-IN2. A day off means “game on” in terms of underwear. Casual Friday? Wood and Obviously. They’re more casual, but so clean cut they impress 100% of the time.

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[post_product product_id=”165014″ color=”urban-chic” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”232810″ ]


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Model: Gonçalo Reis | Two Model Management

Feature Image: Mack Weldon Brief in Urban Chic


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