Style Guide: Grey Zone

Most of the world hears the term “grey zone” and thinks of uncertainty, indeterminacy, something vague. But for us, “grey zone” brings to mind the Curated Underwear Club’s best-looking neutral pairs. There is zero uncertainty when it comes to these pairs of grey underwear. It’s a classic color that shouldn’t be overlooked, so we’ve enlisted model Leif Erik (DT Model Management) and headed to Downtown Los Angeles to show you why grey is worthy of a double-take.

Black and white may be the most common colors in men’s underwear, but grey is guaranteed to show just a bit more fashion sense. It’s a versatile color that can pair up with nearly any other color or pattern. Pairs from Mack Weldon and Diesel feature stripes to give the undies a more casual feel, perfect for a day off.

Another option – the one that Wood and Parke & Ronen take – is to let the color speak for itself. They use a white and silver waistbands, respectively, to highlight the grey. They may be small, simple touches, but you’ll feel the clean-cut style immediately. It could be a romantic picnic or a job interview, and these will leave you feeling confident enough to impress. 2(X)IST, the fashion-forward and colorful brand that they are, have a bit more fun with an orange waistband. They take grey to a sporty place, perfect for the gym or a shirtless run in your neighborhood. Let’s be honest, that pop of color is sure to catch some glances.

So take our word for it, grey is not some boring mid-ground. Grey can be slick and sophisticated or fun and sporty. If you want a change from your standard black, we suggest you give grey a go. Let the Curated Underwear Club lead you to the grey zone (or any other color zone, based on your personal style preferences). GET STARTED today!


[post_product product_id=”172458″ color=”cloud-burst-cendre-stripes” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”233521″ ] [post_product product_id=”191211″ color=”grey” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”233522″ ]



[post_product product_id=”173657″ color=”charcoal-grey” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”233527″ ] [post_product product_id=”217336″ color=”grey-stripes” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”233528″ ] [post_product product_id=”217327″ color=”earl-grey” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”233529″ ]


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Model: Leif Erik | DT Model Management

Feature Image: Wood Hip Brief in Charcoal Grey


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