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It takes more than a sharp tie and a tailored suit to go that extra mile. It also takes a well-mannered pair of underwear, a piece that works as a classy start, and finish, to your look. Your first thought might be to go elegant, your most expensive pair or something with a satin waistband. But in reality, it’s your clean cut basics that’ll do the trick. JJ Underwood enters our studio to show you how the Curated Underwear Club does black tie underwear.

Imagine you’re at a summer wedding. You aren’t standing in the ceremony, so there’s room for some fun. Underwear from Wood and 2(X)IST have waistbands that bring an upbeat twist to the timeless black-and-white contrast. They’re the perfect “basics,” suitable for wear under a suit, or on the typical weekday grind. You could even say the same for 2(X)IST’s boxer brief, or the refined Bread & Boxers boxer brief. 2(X)IST has minimal contrasts, Bread & Boxers has some – both finishing on a smooth, subtle note.

Maybe you’re a groomsman or the best man, a flower pinned to your chest, and the need for something special around your waist. Garçon Model already uses a nylon-based material with a silky smooth finish and their Brickell Line ups the ante on the basic black brief by adding in a dash of silver. Even if there’s no special events in sight, these pairs are sure to become your favorite go-to pairs. And if an invite comes in the mail, you’ll know which pair to throw on.

One of the best things about the Curated Underwear Club is we’re not looking to slap a label on you, or have all our members in the same underwear. What we send is based on style insights taken from our quick and easy (and fun) style quiz.  GET STARTED today!

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Model: JJ Underwood

Feature Image: Bread & Boxers Boxer Brief in Black



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