Model Talk: Steven Dehler in Marco Marco

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Steven Dehler is a native Californian, which makes him an appropriate model for this Hollywood-based brand. In fact, Steven and Marco go back a number of years. Steven appreciates the innovation that Marco Marco brings to the underwear community, whether that’s in the form of certain styles, like leggings, or what they inspire him to do when he’s not modeling, such as dancing at home. In the video below, you’ll get a chance to see Steven Dehler in Marco Marco, a perfect way to get to know them both.

A square-cut boxer brief may be Steven’s favorite style, but he likes a jockstrap for a different feel. Candidly, Steven discusses the difference between how he acts in life away from the camera, which is a much more laid-back and fun-loving personality than the serious and sexy persona required to model.

In order to stay in shape, Steven focuses on short, high-intensity workouts, and two each day. The total time may be be only ninety minutes, but the consistency of five days each week is what makes the difference. Avocados, a favorite superfood, may complement Steven’s commitment to fitness, but he also has a weakness for pizza, a perfect meal with which to cheat his regiment.

Karaoke? No, Steven hasn’t quite gotten the nerve up for sining in that setting yet, but he does have an idea of what he might sing, if and when the right opportunity presents itself.

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You can find these looks and more from Marco Marco at their site here.

Video Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model Credit: Steven Dehler

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  1. Ron says:

    i’ve seen your videos where you’re playing the keyboard – beautiful music from a beautiful guy. Please keep it up Steven D! I’m a self-taught pianist and watching you always inspires me to improve my keyboard technique. Thank you!

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