Mack Weldon Dapper: Dignified Dimensions

In the modern world, what does it mean to be dapper? Upon hearing the word, you’re likely already conjuring a grainy image of a tuxedoed man from the Roaring Twenties, a gent in high-waisted trousers and a two-buttoned jacket, a chap propped up by a striped cane. But what does it mean to be Mack Weldon dapper? Mack Weldon understands that the dimensions of dapper aren’t defined by a commanding top hat or a handsome overcoat only. Dapper begins with what’s underneath. That’s why Mack Weldon engineers underwear, undershirts, t-shirts, socks, and much more that allows men to begin achieving their dapperness below their showier outer garments. Posture and poise, stature and style: qualities that communicate dapper on the surface begin with our most foundational garments.

Today’s dose of dapper focuses on Mack Weldon underwear, and the best place to begin is with the 18 Hour Jersey Trunks. A custom blend of long staple cotton, Modal, and Lycra, these trunks are bestsellers not only for their comfort but for their attention to detail. The waistband is designed to avoid rolling, and mesh cooling zones will keep you feeling your most dapper, even as the day wears on. Enjoy these trunks in a range of colors from Endive to Nine Iron, which is also available with narrow and sophisticated Grey Heather horizontal stripes.

For those looking for a truncated take on the same essential Mack Weldon quality, the 18 Hour Jersey Briefs provide tagless freedom in a classic style. The difference, as one can expect from Mack Weldon, between these briefs and others designed for daily wear, is in the details. You’ll find the same range of colors and a custom fabric blend that rests for 18 hours before anything is cut or sewn. Dapperness cannot be rushed.

Mack Weldon’s Woven Boxers offer of course more room, but also a different Cotton Poplin and Spandex fabric blend. Designed to be less bulky than the average boxer and efficiently tailored with a one-piece back panel, these boxers are both ready to work and allow you to feel unencumbered. Try them in Bleecker Blue or Deep Lichen Green. Whatever color or style you choose, Mack Weldon will have you feeling more dapper in no time.

After you find the style that best suits you (or if you already know), tell us what Mack Weldon dapper means to you in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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