Boxers or Briefs: Chest Hair

Boxers or Briefs: Chest Hair addresses a decision faced by many a hirsute man, namely how, or if, to wear one’s chest hair. In search of opinions on the matter, Daniel invites some Underwear Expert professionals to the Hollywood studio. In addition to providing you with a range of grooming preferences, the video below also contains a promo code that can get you started in The Curated Underwear Club, a fully individualized way to ensure underwear designed and fitted to your specifications arrives at your door each month.

Jared, Bruin, and Kevin are amenable to discussing chest-hair history with Daniel, who begins with a question of origin. When did they start to grow chest hair? The answers vary, but let’s just say they range from birth to early twenties. Early on, both Jared and Kevin liked to remove some or all of their chest hair, while Bruin was content to simply trim. A surprising similarity among these men is their observation that, though they have never necessarily loved their own body hair, other people seem to.

When it comes to the day’s essential question, boxers or briefs, Jared is quick to say trunks, while Kevin and Bruin both cite briefs. It comes down to the way briefs look, for Bruin, who has athletic legs. For Kevin, briefs provide the best silhouette and support. Jared’s reasoning is anatomical, and potentially applicable to many men. As a guy with skinnier legs, he notes, the trunk frames the largest part of the upper thigh well, accentuating the most muscly parts of an otherwise slim aspect of one’s form.

Check out the video below for more information about what colors and brands these men with chest hair prefer and what their underwear says about them, not to mention the exclusive promo code for The Curated Underwear Club.

What did you learn during Boxers or Briefs: Chest Hair? Check out Boxers or Briefs: Chest Hair below, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more men discuss their taste in underwear.

Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model Credit: Jared North, Kevin Spencer, and Bruin Collinsworth

Style Reporter: DanielXMiller


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  1. David Holmes says:

    I hate chest and body hair on males. I don’t have any and just love that smooth beautiful feeling. I am a dedicated hard core bodybuilder and get many, many admiring comments about my smooth and very muscular physique from both males and females when working out in the gym or on the beach, etc.

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