BodyAware’s Neon Soft Leggings

Leggings are an essential piece of an activewear wardrobe today, and a literal extension of BodyAware’s collections, those that already endeavor to bring optimum comfort and style to the world of undergarments, are BodyAware’s Neon Soft Leggings. These leggings can help any man make the smooth transition from his more intimate apparel to that which he is able to wear more widely in the world of your active indoor and outdoor pursuits. BodyAware Neon Soft Leggings are available in two eye-catching vibrant colors, neon pink and neon yellow, and they are made of material comprising 85% nylon and 15% spandex for stretch and durability.


These neon colors of course come complete with a functional design from BodyAware, and that leads to comfortable leggings that will enable any man to make the seasonal transition from the warm summer weather to the cooler fall temperature, available for $45.50 per pair. Made for everything that might test them, from running to biking, yoga to rock climbing, these dynamic leggings are complete with a sporty fit and a fully contoured pouch for support that can stand up to the most intense activity.


BodyAware’s Neon Soft Leggings also have a non-restrictive elasticated waist that provides a snug fit throughout the the hip and all the way down to the ankle. This means they can be counted on to meet any standard of peak performance, wash after wash. What’s more is that these leggings are local, made in the brand’s California factory, so the wearer can feel good about everything down to the manufacturing.

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You can find this look and more from BodyAware here.

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