Style Guide: Summer Lovin’

The weather dictates a lot in our lives. A cloudy day can sap your energy. Summertime can bring out the brighter side of your style. And we don’t just mean with colors. This Style Guide: Summer Lovin’ is our love letter to summer, and what it does to our underwear. We chose pairs from our Curated Underwear Club that had a summer attitude, and the perfect summer cut: the trunk.

Rafael Do Prado (DT Model Management) stands against a neutral gray background to bring out the underwear’s colors and designs. His summery disposition also stands out, incidentally. It’s the perfect attitude for making these featured pairs of underwear really work. Striped pairs designed by C-IN2 and Diesel have a lot of bright color contrasts, making them energized like a sunny summer day. Clever, 2(X)IST, and teamm8 take minimal prints and saturate them with lighter colors. Light colors are naturally cooler, making these more in-tune with a summer breeze than the sun.

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[post_product product_id=”204602″ color=”black-colorful-stripe” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”224462″ ]


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Model: Rafael Do Prado | DT Model Management

Feature Image: Diesel Striped Hero Trunk – Black



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