Style Guide: Monochromatic

Monochromatic colors never miss. They remain fashionable season after season by finding elegance in simplicity. Monochromatic underwear finds its own elegance in simplicity. The pairs in our Curated Underwear Club are more casual than dressy, but look so sharp, they could pass for both.

Model Marvin Brown wears something more classic with underwear from teamm8 and Bread & Boxers. A single color makes both clean and sharp, Bread & Boxers with a sleeker finish. Underwear designed by Wood has a brighter personality, the contrasting white waistband looking crisp on black and grey. 2(X)IST brings in our classiest entrant with a microfiber waistband. Diesel designs one of the Curated Underwear Club’s more upbeat examples of monochromatic style, with colorblocked stripes.

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Model: Marvin Brown

Feature Image: Wood Boxer Brief in Charcoal


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