Style Guide: Game On

Finding sex appeal in men’s underwear is easier than you might think. All it takes is the right cut, color, and style – and the confidence that follows. This week’s Style Guide: Game On is our ode to red jockstraps. Combining the fieriest cut of men’s underwear with a heated color is a bold underwear choice. It’s also a choice we approve of, and so does model Bruin Collinsworth.

Bruin is a graduate from Ohio State, so we made sure to put him in colors from his alma mater – scarlet and grey. Each of the jockstraps he wears is included in our Curated Underwear Club, and chosen based on style, quality, and comfort. Each of these components is especially important given the minimal cut of the jockstrap. Diesel, 2(X)IST, and Modus Vivendi design jockstraps that stay close to the underwear’s athletic roots. Their wide waistbands are distinctly masculine and dress Bruin like an athlete. Obviously opts for something a little more sultry. Their Downtown Jockstrap has a sleek finish, erring on the more fashionable side of sexy.

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[post_product product_id=”183937″ hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”225975″ ]


[post_product product_id=”204603″ color=”fiery-red” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”225977″ ] [post_product product_id=”165032″ color=”red” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”225978″ ]


[post_product product_id=”213202″ color=”red-brick” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”225980″ ]





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Model: Bruin Collinsworth

Feature Image: Modus Vivendi Eternal Jockstrap in Red


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