Style Guide: The Bright Stuff

Sometimes you just want to show off. Wether it’s to impress someone else or to make yourself feel sexy, a bright, bold jockstrap can be just the ticket. You may consider jockstraps sporty or you may consider them sultry, but when you throw in a splash of neon, they’re anything but boring. We brought model and YouTuber Matthew Crawford into the studio to show off some of the best and brightest jockstraps we have to offer.

From the bright color combos of brands like Garçon Model, to the strong contrasts of Marco Marco, the Curated Underwear Club can spice up your underwear drawer with a little color and a lot of fun. There’s no playing it coy when you’ve got one of these puppies strapped to your midsection. Even with the comparatively more subtle and solid-colored Diesel jockstrap, the glowing green still shouts “I know how to have a good time!” Wearing something like a jockstrap can really change your outlook for the day. Go on. Test our theory. We dare you!

That’s the beauty of the Underwear Expert Curated Underwear Club! You can sign up for just about any combination of mild to wild underwear. Add in bright colors and jockstraps for a couple months and switch to a more calm and covered collection of undies for a few months after that. It’s all up to you with an underwear club that is tailored to your tastes and completely customizable. Not a member? Sign up today! Take our style quiz to help us pull together a shipment of underwear you’re sure to be wild about, wether your style is tame as a tabby or as fearless as what you see here. GET STARTED today!










Sign up for the Underwear Expert’s Curated Underwear Club and we’ll send you underwear based on your style, shipped directly to your door every month. We select from only the best brands around the world to make sure you get the very best underwear. Receive free shipping in the U.S. when you sign up for a package of two or more pairs per month, and cancel any time.

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Model: Matthew Crawford

Feature Image: Garçon Model Lincoln Jockstrap


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