Style Guide: Breathe Easy

Most men have a staple pair of gym shorts. They’re made from mesh, worn around the house, and sometimes they’re even worn commando with nothing underneath. We have better ideas in our Style Guide: Breathe Easy. Our latest guide is all about mesh underwear. Some of the pairs are designed entirely from a mesh fabric, some have mesh panels. And if you can’t see the mesh on a certain pair in our story, it’s safe to assume there’s a hidden mesh panel in the perfect spot for newfound levels or comfort and breathability.

We brought model Aaron Valenzuela into the studio for the photoshoot below, and he was the perfect choice. Mesh designs have an air of athleticism about them, not unlike Aaron’s body. Mesh also has a bit of sex appeal, and the teases of Aaron’s tan skin show everything a little mesh can offer. He only wears underwear included in our Curated Underwear Club, and that means there is nothing but high-quality underwear here.

Every pair included in the Curated Underwear Club is chosen based on quality, style, and comfort. If it won’t make you look and feel your best, we don’t want you wearing it. We also curate each individual member’s subscription, sending them underwear that fits their personal style.

Still not a Curated Underwear Club member? Take our brief style quiz and let us know what you look for in a pair of underwear. After that, we get to work finding your new favorite pairs. GET STARTED today!

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Model: Aaron Valenzuela

Feature Image: 2(X)IST Crosstrainer Brief – Lime Punch


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