The Crochet Empire Hosts Manimals: Jocks Fur a Cause

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The Crochet Empire is known for hand-making comfortable jockstraps and other products made from slim yarn in the United States and Canada, but on Sunday May 15 they also became known for another very important reason when they hosted Manimals: Jocks Fur a Cause. Jocks Fur a Cause was in fact their second annual jockstrap fashion show, featuring animal-inspired jocks from fish to zebra. The accompanying auction raised proceeds to benefit the Chicago House and TPAN (Test Positive Aware Network), Chicago-based organizations that work to find employment, medication, housing, and counseling for homeless HIV positive people. As you can see above and below, the event was an opulent and good-hearted success.
Jocks Fur a Cause was hosted by Dixie Lynn Cartwright, and a large line-up of well-known models from the adult film and gay nightlife participated, strutted, laughed, and, most importantly, helped raise money for this vital cause. Dirk Caber, Seth Fornea, Tayte Hanson, Eli Lewis, Bryan Cole, Jared Bradford, Johnny V, Brandon Renfroe and local models Anghell from Venezuela, Scotty Vandersteen and Parker Stockman all took part, donning The Crochet Empire’s animal-themed jocks and showing the crowd how comfortable, freeing, and fun the brand’s signature product is. A highlight from the night may have been auctioning off the jockstraps worn by the models, but it also featured a burlesque show by Anghell, Matteo Lane’s  stand-up comedy, and a musical performance by Jared Bradford and Dixie.
Money raised at Manimals was divided between TPAN and Chicago House, but some contributions were allocated to Andy’s new fundraising effort, a 200-mile charity bike ride that will also help those with HIV. You can find information about this next fund-raising event here.

You can find this look and more Crochet Empire at their site.

For more information on this brand: The Crochet Empire

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