Coast-to-Coast with THE EIGHTH

Coast-to-Coast with The Eighth

Today, we’re taking a look at one of THE EIGHTH’s latest editorial shoots. This fun-loving and daring shoot by photographer Cheyenne Ellis gives us a chance to journey with model Noel Kirven-Dows from ocean to ocean, Atlantic to Pacific. A New York City brand that is unmistakably about its underwear, but also about the culture surrounding its underwear, the art, the music, the sport, THE EIGHTH has found in this collection of Ellis photos a way to represent it all. As you make your way through these shots, you’ll appreciate the adventure of going coast-to-coast with THE EIGHTH. Enjoy the ride from NYC to LA.

Coast-to-Coast with The Eighth

Coast-to-Coast with The Eighth

The dimension of realism, the a-day-in-the-life feel of this shoot is one of the primary aspects of the road-trip concept that makes it so interesting. We see Kirven-Dows get up for various activities and diversions, whether it’s tossing logs over his head, hurdling metal fences, skateboarding down desolate highways, or sloshing through bodies of water catching the sun, and we also see him relax, curl up and rest outside his tent, kick back around the porch of a woodsy cabin, and stretch out before the morning sun, ready to go again. THE EIGHTH’s underwear supports a full range of active lifestyle pursuits, as well as the requisite downtime afterward, of course, and Ellis captures the gamut of this brand’s reach while also showing how it remains committed to high style.

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Coast-to-Coast with The Eighth

Did you enjoy going coast-to-coast with THE EIGHTH? What do you think of the way model Noel Kirven-Dows wears the brand? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: THE EIGHTH

Photo Credit: Cheyenne Ellis

Model Credit: Noel Kirven-Dows

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