Boxers or Briefs: Daddies in Los Angeles

Boxers or Briefs: Cat Lovers

Kevin Spencer ventures into the Hollywood hills to find the men who participate in this episode of the video series, Boxers or Briefs: Daddies, sponsored by Garçon Model. It’s a beautiful summer day, which makes the poolside locale of this episode fitting, and Kevin is able to interview Karl, Jason, and Fred about their underwear preferences, habits, and of course what their underwear says about them.

Jason and Fred have been married for nine years, and Kevin has actually caught them on Jason’s birthday. Karl is an artist, a sculptor, who works in film, neon, and installation. After some introspection regarding how the term “daddy” strikes each of these men and how it might affect their choice in underwear, Kevin turns to the pertinent question regarding undergarments.

Karl certainly prefers briefs, their comfort, and their ability to feel like a second skin. His favorite brand is Armani, and white is his favorite color. Believe it or not, Karl keeps drawerfuls of the same underwear, and his preferences communicate that he is simple but smart.

Jason has swung back from boxers, which he wore in his younger days, to briefs, while Fred prefers the boxer brief style. They look for Calvin Klein, 2(X)IST, and even Fruit of the Loom, and, with some exceptions, they also share their underwear drawer. Being a daddy has made Fred somewhat less particular in the stylishness of his underwear choice, focussing instead on comfort.

Be sure to check out what Kevin is wearing for the episode as well, grey trunks with blue trim from Garçon Model.

What did you learn about being a daddy from today’s episode? Check out Boxers or Briefs: Daddies below, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more men discuss their taste in underwear.

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  1. brandon6000 says:

    I think the daddies are sexy those men are sexy I wish I could see more of them in their underwear real hot gorgus men can talk about what kind of underwear they wear when I buy underwear from men most men they suck at talking aboit what they wear I don’t even want to buy from them real men talk about underwear espeshely hot gorgus men ho can talk about them Brandon 6000

  2. Mike says:

    I like to see daddies in briefs – I think they look the sexiest in them. Being a daddy myself, I find briefs a lot more comfy, my style, gives more exposure (which I like) and overall very sexy.

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