Bluebuck Nautical Collection, Striped Edition

Model Talk: Colby Melvin

The Bluebuck Nautical Collection adds a dimension of sophistication and refined style to the brand’s classic look while at the same time continuing to promote the active, outdoor lifestyle that the Bluebuck man has come to represent in the world underwear and outerwear. The Nautical collection adds stripes to the Bluebuck repetoire in multiple brief and trunk styles to accommodate both the seasoned and the green Bluebuck customer.

The Bluebuck Nautical Collection Brief is available in a range of colors, including solids and stripes! Below you will see grey with navy stripes and pink with navy stripes, but the Bluebuck Nautical Collection also includes a navy blue brief with white stripes, a white brief with navy blue stripes, and a navy blue brief with light blue stripes. Like all Bluebuck products, the cotton used for this brief is organic, and the garment is made from 95% organic cotton and just 5% elastane. The elastic waistband of the Bluebuck Nautical Collection Brief is made of mainly cotton, for maximum comfort, and the label resting inside the waistband did not escape the brand’s attention. It’s also made with cotton so as not to interfere or irritate the skin. An additional asset of the Bluebuck Nautical Collection Brief is that it is 100% made in Europe. Everything from the yarn to the fabric is produced in Portugal, and the elastic waistband is sourced from Austria. Enjoy this brief in sizes S-XL for $27.



The Bluebuck Nautical Collection Trunk, like the brief, contains 95% organic cotton and just 5% elastane. Aside from the solids available, the trunk comes in two different striped prints, one with stripes that continue across the pouch (as seen in white with navy stripes below) and also the oblique look (as seen in navy with white stripes below). The Bluebuck Nautical Collection Trunk is manufactured with renewable energy and available in sizes S-XL for $30.



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You can find these styles and more at the Bluebuck site here.

For more information on the brand: Bluebuck

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