Behind the Scenes with Modus Vivendi’s Narrow Line

In beautiful coastal Pinamar, Argentina, photographer Gastohn Barrios follows model Daian Zubieta along the fine sand beaches of the Atlantic, an idyllic setting fitting for Modus Vivendi’s Narrow Line, a collection of sailor-inspired underwear and t-shirts for Summer 2016. In the video below you’ll be able to go behind the scenes of the shoot for the Narrow Line and watch Zubieta show how the underwear moves and adapts to his body as he climbs sand hills in the Narrow Boxer and braces himself for the strong coastal breezes in the Narrow Jockstrap. Each underwear style features a black and white stripe pattern and neon accenting in either yellow, aqua, or pink to stand out agains the browns and blues of the sand and surf.

Modus Vivendi's Narrow Line

One dimension of this behind-the-scenes video, which is also shot by photographer Gastohn Barrios, is that you’ll be able to see Zubieta between poses, as he and Barrios feel out the landscape and circumnavigate the sun and wind, seeking out the right light and  angles to display the sophisticated and masculine look of the Narrow Line, as well harken to the playful pop of color that the accents suggest. Another piece of the Narrow Line, the Narrow V-shirt is also on display behind the scenes. The v-shirt fits close and enhances your shoulders, drawing attention to the upper body’s shape with its own v-neck collar accent in the same set of neon colors found with the underwear. The material, made of cotton and elastane, is perfect for the beach or daily wear, as Zubieta’s time in the sun and sand reveals.

Modus Vivendi's Narrow Line

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You can find this look and more here.

For more information on this brand: Modus Vivendi

Photo and Video Credit: Gastohn Barrios

Model Credit: Daian Zubieta

Sponsored by Modus Vivendi


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