AMMO Athletic is Building Momentum

AMMO Athletic is Building Momentum

Two weeks into their kickstarter campaign, AMMO Athletic is building momentum, now more than three quarters of the way toward their goal. Over the next couple of weeks, they hope to see the momentum they’ve built thus far help them exceed the $10,000 they set out to raise. If the campaign reaches $20,000, the multi-color “CrossFire” reward option in both the 3/4 tight and base layer short will become available!

One of the successes of their campaign thus far stems from the spreading knowledge that AMMO base layers are not just for athletic activity, but their ergonomic design and Italian nylon are engineered to keep the wearer comfortable and cool both in the gym and under any daily outerwear. “Our base layers are comfortable enough for any use,” said Jay Cellura, AMMO’s CEO. “The fabric is super light-weight, but durable and abrasion resistant. Our ergonomic design contours perfectly to your body. It’s like you’re not wearing anything, yet you’re fully supported.”

Another development that has bolstered the company’s campaign is the early arrival of a recent order of their base layer shorts, which means early backers will be contacted as soon as next week to coordinate the receipt of their rewards. These are the same shorts that have been endorsed by a range of health and fitness professionals. “We might be the first Kickstarter ever to promise early delivery,” laughed Cellura. “It’s awesome to think how we’ll be shipping shorts to some backers just days after the campaign ends.

As the campaign continues, the brand is offering the opportunity to take advantage of two new reward options with expedited processing and shipping. For $32, customers will be able to order a Base Layer Short Special, and for $100 a Base Layer Short 3-Pack. These rewards will ship two weeks before standard shorts.

AMMO also released a new behind the scenes video. Check it out below.

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For more information on the brand: AMMO Athletic

You can donate to their campaign here.

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