teamm8’s May M8 of the Month

Teamm8’s May’s M8 of the Month, Sam McDougall is here photographed in a space that represents the well-rounded and active lifestyle that he pursues, one which we’ve also come to associate with brand. McDougall’s hopes to one day own an investment property and his financial goals are surely within reach, especially when we observe the ease with which he traverses the railing of a rustic bridge that runs over an isolated river, or climbs and hangs, suspending himself from the bridge’s beams and supports.

His success in marketing must certainly be due at least in part to his strength, which he shows as he fittingly explores, clad in the sleek and bold designs we’ve come to expect from teamm8. But McDougall’s amiable spirit, which we see below, shows us that he is just as invested in personal success, his relationships with friends and family, as he is in his career goals.


One of McDougall’s goals in life is to travel, and he’ll certainly be able to do so in the teamm8 Classic Swim Brief. Currently at home in Sydney, Australia, here we see McDougall climb the girders of the bridge and move swiftly from one pose to another in swim briefs that have an invisible tie-cord. McDougall is calm and relaxed about the future, while focussed on his goals. These briefs won’t lose their shape, and McDougall can hang, squat, and leap into whatever comes next with absolutely no worry.


Like teamm8 itself, McDougall shows us the brand’s values through is spirit and determination, showing us how he can move around the structure, maintaining his poise and determination, just as he credits his mum and dad for his work ethic and success. Teamm8 and McDougall show us a classic look with flair, simplicity with style. Below you’ll see McDougall in both the teamm8 Classic Swim Brief and the teamm8 Defence Brief, showing us that he trusts teamm8 to have him covered no matter the occasion.


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For more information on the brand: teamm8

Photo Credit: teamm8

Model Credit: Sam McDougall

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