Style Guide: Kingdom Come

Jared North may just be the luckiest man alive. He just made a guest appearance on a show called “Kingdom”. Maybe you’ve seen the steamy scene being shared all over social media, but you’ve definitely seen him here on the Underwear Expert. In the scene, he was one third of Nick Jonas’ gay sex scene (you can see it here), or I suppose we should call it his bisexual sex scene. This is something we’ve been waiting for since Nick first baited us with his sexy, crotch-grabbing undie pictures. On the show, Jonas stars as Nate Kulina, an upcoming MMA fighter who apparently has some secrets he’s not quite willing to share with his brutal buddies.

According to the show, it would seem the encounter was forced upon Nick’s character, which is disappointing given the current age we live in. We wish the show’s director could have allowed Nick’s character to explore his bisexuality in a more accepting way.

We do NOT condone any kind of unwelcome bedroom activity, and so we want to focus on the real life luck of model Jared North who got the opportunity to lock lips and roll around naked with this superstar hottie. In honor of the man-on-man moment, we dedicate this Style Guide to red underwear – specifically, the ones we’d wear if we took Jared’s place (or Nick’s) in that steamy threesome. Our exclusive photoshoot puts Jared North in pairs available through our Curated Underwear Club.

We carefully select our pairs based on comfort, style, and quality. The colors and sex appeal, we leave up to you. No matter your preference, everything that comes through the Curated Underwear Club is Underwear Expert approved. It’s good enough for us, and probably good enough for Nick Jonas, too.

Taking your time to join the Curated Underwear Club. Stop waiting and take our style quiz. It lets us know the kinds of underwear you like so we send you only what’s best for you. GET STARTED today!



Available soon in the curated underwear club!



Available soon in the curated underwear club!


[post_product product_id=”185479″ color=”red” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”219208″ ] [post_product product_id=”194343″ color=”red” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”219209″ ]


[post_product product_id=”181623″ color=”garnet” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”219211″ ] [post_product product_id=”191212″ color=”red” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”219212″ ]

Model: Jared North

Feature Image: C-IN2 C-Theory Brief in Red Sun


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