Style Guide: The Body Electric

Your underwear should spark something within you. The energy to push through one more lap. The confidence to approach that stranger across the room. This week’s Style Guide focuses on a particular underwear collection that covers all the bases – 2(X)IST Electric.

Its sporty design and bold colors could charm the pants off anyone. On top of that they’re built with a flattering pouch and moisture-wicking properties to tackle intense workouts. Think of the 2(X)IST Electric Collection as a jack of all trades. The versatile design lets you take the boost in sex appeal anywhere, whether it’s to the gym or on a Tinder date.

Jonathan Ackley models 2(X)IST Electric color options available through our Curated Underwear Club. Each pair is expertly picked based on style, comfort, and quality. If it doesn’t look and feel great, we don’t want you wearing it.

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[post_product product_id=”165031″ color=”flame-scarlet” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”219507″ ]




[post_product product_id=”181629″ color=”rose-violet” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”219508″ ]




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Model: Jonathan Ackley

Feature Image: 2(X)IST Electric Brief


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