Part 2: Underwear for 26.2 Miles

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In the first installment of Underwear for 26.2 miles, we focussed on getting you in underwear that promotes the mental toughness that you’ll no doubt need (and continue to need) as you work toward running your marathon. In Part 2: Underwear for 26.2 miles, we’ll cover the second and third week of your strength and stamina training, and we’re going to get you into some quality basic briefs and trunks, both of which come from Australian brands, Lunch and Mojo Downunder. Our guess is that you’ll need a good stock of both of these pairs as you continue with weeks two and three of your training, so today we’re featuring each in multiple colors. Below you’ll see the Packed Lunch in their Signature Purple and Vibrant Orange, and the Mojo Downunder Varsity Brief in Concrete, Sea Foam, and Deep Sea.


In weeks two and three of your training, you’ll be building up to Long Runs of 53 minutes and 68 minutes, so you’re going to want to have a brief that you can run in everyday and for long periods of time, and for that purpose we’re recommending the lightweight and breathable 95% cotton and 5% Elastane Packed Lunch brief. Pick this pair up in at least two colors (they also come in White and Sky Blue) and enjoy their low rise and wide, soft front as you put miles on toward your ultimate goal.


For your days of strength training, whether that means squats, deadlifts, or a trusty StairMaster, try the Mojo Downunder Varsity Brief and enjoy the support of a mid-weight classic made of Staple Cotton Jersey. You’ll want to max out your leg strength twice in week three, so the no-ride leg openings of these luxurious and strong trunks will be a necessary companion.

Do you have Underwear for 26.2 Miles? Tell us about the first week and second week of training. Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: LunchMOJO DOWNUNDER

Photo credits: Lunch and Mojo Downunder

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