Part 1: Underwear for 26.2 Miles

Underwear for 26.2 Miles

Welcome to our first installment of Underwear for 26.2 Miles, a series of articles that will take you through a 30-week marathon training program focussed, as we always are, on the optimal underwear and activewear for the occasion. In each installment, we’ll share some of our favorite brands and styles appropriate for where you are in your training. So, without further ado, let’s turn to week 1, which features briefs and boxer briefs from Wood and Marco Marco. In order to help you lock in for your first week of training, we’re turning to camouflage, the universal sign of hardcore preparation.

During the first week, you’ll have three days of strength training and four days of running to keep you busy and get your body and mind in shape for the task, and that schedule suggests a couple of different underwear needs. Your runs this week, on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, should all be 35-45 minutes, so you’ll need a comfortable and strong brief, like the Wood Classic Brief in Digital Camo, pictured above. The camo print will get you in the training mindset, and the side seam has been removed for added comfort. These briefs feature a non-binding waistband, and the fabric is designed to wick away sweat mile after mile. They’re ready to perform day after day and wash after wash, so add these to your wardrobe now for the long haul.

On the days you’re not running, you’ll be doing some strength training, nothing too intense at first.  These exercises should be aimed at helping your joints and soft tissue acclimate to daily exertion. For this purpose, we recommend the G.I. Marco Boxer Brief. These will work well for lunges and squats, which you can of course do either in or out of the gym. They have a low-rise, mesh legs, and you’ll find them both comfortable and stylish with yellow trim. They have a stay-dry fabric that you’ll appreciate as you start to build muscle in between runs.

Underwear for 26.2 Miles

Do you have Underwear for 26.2 Miles? Tell us about the first week of your training in Wood and Marco Marco in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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