Obviously For Father’s Day

Obviously For Father's Day

Over the last several years, it seems you’ve exhausted gift ideas for your dad. There was the magazine subscription (did he read them?), the gift card to the clubhouse (a steak sandwich, a cool beverage) at his favorite golf course, and you even tried to fit him for a shirt that would have upped his style points astronomically (if only he’d liked the collar). This year, you ought to get back to basics with something every man needs: Obviously. The Australian leader in men’s underwear has just what you need to secure the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day: a 20% off sale. Obviously for Father’s Day: it’s never seemed so simple, and this year it actually is.

First check out the AnatoFREE Boxer Brief with 9-inch Leg. These long boxers offer dad both a contemporary look and feel, but also a very functional wear. They’re made for his active lifestyle, and are perfect for guys with larger and more muscular bodies because they won’t ride up or chafe. The understated and sophisticated range of colors is also perfect for a more easygoing pace, if your dad is more likely to spend time on the couch than out in the sun these days.

Obviously For Father's Day

For fathers willing to wear a little less and show a little more, you should also consider the AnatoFREE Hipster Brief, available in Purple, Slate, Deep Turquoise and Ice Blue. This brief offers more freedom than the boxer, but the anatomical and supportive pouch will give your dad the comfort he needs to wear the brief under work slacks or even biking shorts. The eco-friendly, antibacterial, and anti-fungal material means these briefs will also leave him feeling fresh and cool after a long day. Check out the rest of the styles on sale with Obviously today and get ahead of your Father’s Day shopping.

Obviously For Father's Day

Which underwear did you decide to go with for dad this year? How did Obviously for Father’s Day help you meet your shopping needs?  Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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