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How many decisions about your health do you end up making each day? What’s the best thing for me to eat for lunch, do I have time to stop at the gym on the way home, should I have a cocktail, a glass of wine, or maybe just a mineral water? The ubiquity of such decisions is the special burden of the modern man: he has choices, and he wants to exercise his free will to make the right choice in each situation. Of course, today we find no shortage of choices in the world of underwear as well, but fortunately there is at least one brand that is obviously better for you: Obviously.

One of the key reasons that Obviously can boast being not just a company that promotes wellness, but one that actually produces it, is that its Bamboo Rayon and Lenzing Modal material is free of genetically modified ingredients. Unfortunately, today, 90% of cotton used in most underwear can be genetically modified, but Obviously’s commitment to healthy fabrics is nowhere more evident than in their Downtown Collection and the AnatoMAX Hipster Trunk. In addition to being healthy, these trunks feature a pouch with maximum size and comfort, and also a low-slung waist that works well with low-cut jeans.


At the same time that Obviously is better for you, it’s also better for the environment, and one of the reasons is that Lenzing Modal is sourced from indigenous Beech trees and uses only a fraction of the water necessary to grow and process cotton. This means you can feel good about leaving less of a carbon footprint while you wear Obviously’s AnatoMAX Brief, a brief that gives you extra space in the pouch and a deeper seat, so the waist sits higher on your back, keeping you covered regardless of what you get into.


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