New Arrival: BodyAware Smooth Satin Tank

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We all have a few tanks in our wardrobes–the pieces we wear when we’re headed to the gym to exercise, to the beach to flex, the club to show off, or even just landing at home, on the couch to collapse; however, this New Arrival: BodyAware Smooth Satin Tank requires that we readjust our thinking and approach to this handy, everyday garment that we sometimes take advantage of, but always appreciate. What you’ll see below is not just a Tank Top, but a garment that can transcend the moment and the opportunity to wear it, something that changes the genre of Tank.

New Arrival: BodyAware Smooth Satin TankThis tank shines, stretches in mirror satin, and adapts to your physique with perfection, complimenting you on your best (and even your average) days: it promises you look good, no matter what leads up to the moment. The back of this tank features an athletic styling that compliments your musculature, and contours to a perfect fit. Made of 93% nylon, 7% spandex, and 100% stylish, this tank is available in Red, Pink, Black, Nude, and Periwinkle, meaning that it’s certain you’ll find a color that compliments your look.

New Arrival: BodyAware Smooth Satin Tank

The reviews of this phenomenal tank have revealed that it will fit perfectly with your favorite skinny jeans, or even just sleeping in the (nearly) nude. One of these glowing garments is great to begin with, but likely you’ll want two or three to round out your closet’s potential for perfect tanks.


New Arrival: BodyAware Smooth Satin Tank

What color do you like most? How will BodyAware change you approach to Tank Tops? Let us know what you think of this New Arrival: BodyAware Smooth Satin Tank in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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  1. Chris says:

    The cut of these gives me a feminine vibe; I PERSONALLY prefer the more masculine profile of the square cut tanks that 2xist and others offer… Then again there are lace trimmed “manties” featured lower down on the page… To each his own with regards to underwear I suppose….

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