More Swimwear Styles, More Modestly

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One of the best parts about being at the beach this summer can also be one of the most worrisome parts: everyone is wearing a swimsuit. Not that you don’t like wearing swimsuits or seeing the way other people fit into them, but most of what the eye-catching, stylish beachgoers wear is a bit too revealing for your more modest tastes. Fortunately, there are some brands that offer the same colors, patterns, and quality that you see in minimal swimwear in slightly more modest cuts. With these offerings from 2(X)IST and Mosmann, you’ll find more swimwear styles, more modestly, but you won’t sacrifice style.

Rich, from Miami, FL – I love reading The Underwear Expert this time of year because you always feature fun and sexy swimwear, but what about for the guy who doesn’t want to wear a bikini or little swim briefs?

The Underwear Expert – Thanks for your question, Rich! Above you’ll see some great Tailored Swim Shorts Paradiso from Mosmann. These shorts should meet your needs. They’re beach and street ready with internal mesh lining, designed like a pair of chino shorts with a hidden drawstring. You can wear them in and out of the water, even slip on a shirt and head into a beachside restaurant or bar feeling stylish and comfortable.

You might also consider the Tiki Flower Ibiza Swim Short from 2(X)IST. A low-rise swim short with a 12-inch side length for a little more coverage, they’re 100% Poly Microtwill, so extra comfortable and quick-drying. These classic swim shorts have side and back pockets and drawcord with metal barrel tips, and, with these in your beach bag, you can enjoy their versatility as well as your increased desire for sunbathing as soon as possible! Thanks again for your comments, and we hope these suggestions gave you some ideas. 



We hope this helped you find more swimwear styles, more modestly, without sacrificing your style. Let us know what you decided in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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