Marco Ovando shoots Marshall Perrin in Garçon Model Swimwear

Marshall Perrin in Garcon Model Swimwear

There’s fitting, and then there’s truly fitting: this shoot featuring Marshall Perrin in Garçon Model swimwear is unquestionably the latter, and these photographs by Marco Ovando tell the tale in ink–Perrin’s ink, that is. Across this series of shots, you’ll find Perrin in the pool, out of the pool, stretched out and hanging around, but each of these images consistently lays bare the intricate tattoos that make Perrin the perfect model for this Garçon Model Graffiti Swimwear shoot. Above, you’ll see Perrin exiting the pool in Yellow Graffiti Swim Brief, showing us how these low-rise swim briefs with internal drawstring and double front lining will let you move freely in and out of the water. These briefs are both stylish and tough, which means they’re at home on Perrin.

Marshall Perrin in Garcon Model Swimwear

Here Perrin, who happens to be a firefighter, shows us the brief in red, modeling the stylishness of the print and its kinship with the prints he wears on his body. Even outdoors at night, photographer Marco Ovando captures the high-definition prints of these briefs; they shine, and so will you in either the graffiti briefs and swim shorts. In the photo below, see Perrin show us the black brief, which looks as good on the floor as it does by the pool.

Marshall Perrin in Garcon Model Swimwear

Check out more photos of the strong and sexy new Garçon Model Swimwear in the gallery below. Let these photos inspire your own dynamic summer that could start with a pair of Graffiti Swim briefs.

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For more information on the brand: Garçon Model

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando

Model Credit: Marshall Perrin

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  1. David Holmes says:

    Wow, just love the tats on Marshall – beuatif body too with all the tats on his chest, stomach and back. But is that all where his tats are? What’s down lower?

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