Boxers or Briefs: Fitness Instructors

For this installment, Boxers or Briefs: Fitness Instructors, brought to you by Mojo Downunder, we find host DanielXMiller in the studio with a few fitness instructors who live and work in Los Angeles. A pair of Matts, one from Chicago and one from New Jersey, as well as Luke from New York, join Daniel in an effort to answer a series of questions that are important for both fitness instructors and fitness enthusiasts alike. Of course, the central question, whether they prefer boxers or briefs, is the most logical place to begin.

Chicago Matt, who does personal training and group fitness at LIT Method in West Hollywood, prefers briefs, mainly because they’re more secure than boxers. He has a lot of Calvins at home, but today happens to be wearing 2(X)IST, which he appreciates for training because they’re light and flexible. New Jersey Matt works at Barry’s Bootcamp, and briefs, for him, ensure that things stay where they should be. He says that he owns a lot 2(X)IST as well, mainly for their comfort. Luke works with a Proformer, what he refers to as pilates on crack, and he actually prefers to go without underwear, claiming that he doesn’t even own any boxers, generally Today, however, he happens to have on some Nike Pro spandex.

Your host, DanielXMiller, is of course wearing the brand of the day, Mojo Downunder, and in the video you’ll see how Mojo Downunder helps him keep up with the fitness instructors during jumprope and even handstands.

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Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

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