Boxers or Briefs: Dog Lovers

This week, in Boxers or Briefs: Dog Lovers, we find DanielXMiller at a West Hollywood dog park, where he stumbles upon two verified dog lovers: Blake and Timmy. As always, seeking an answer to that pressing question about underwear, Daniel is willing to dig deep, so he first asks where Blake and Timmy were born and raised. This episode features a couple of surprises, like the fact that Blake is actually a born-and-raised Angeleno (so rare!), and Timmy, like Daniel, is from Indiana (shut up!). How might that determine their preferences?

Timmy has Sophie with him, a cute little mutt, and Blake has Gemma Louise, a thirteen-year-old white pit bull. Blake likes to sleep in boxers, unless he sleeps naked. He likes the way briefs look, but he just prefers boxer briefs. Timmy prefers briefs, mainly because they’re snug.

Brand-wise, Blake identifies as old-school, and likes a Calvin Klein boxer brief. Timmy, on the other hand, likes 2(x)ist. Both guys, regardless of brand, like black underwear. When it comes to what they’re wearing today, well, let’s just say that Daniel needs to take the leashes so Blake and Timmy can use both hands to show us the underwear that best suits their dog-walking needs. What does their underwear say about them? You’ll have to check out the video below to learn more!

Finally, and most importantly, because today’s episode is brought to you by The Eighth, you’ll see Daniel sporting a pair of their briefs at the end of video, THE BRIEF – Cuff Love. The Eighth briefs are just right for Daniel, but what styles from The Eighth do you wear to walk the dog?

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For more information on this brand: The Eighth

Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: DanielXMiller

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