Boxers or Briefs: Father’s Day Edition

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Prepare for another exciting and informative edition of Boxers or Briefs with Boxers or Briefs: Father’s Day, where you’ll see DanielXMiller track down two bona fide dads and ask them a pressing set of questions about their undergarment styles of choice. With the little time still remaining before Father’s Day ticking down, you’ll want to hear how these guys think about their underwear so you can be prepared to find the perfect pair for the patriarch nearest you this summer. In today’s episode, sponsored by Australian powerhouse Mojo Downunder, you’ll see Daniel wearing the Mojo Downunder Red 888 Hipster Brief, but not until the very end of the video, so enjoy!

Luke and Adam are certainly two very different dads. Luke has two young children, and Adam has three kids, all teenagers, at least one of which is almost grown, but each of these dads cares about how his underwear looks, feels, and adapts to the busy lifestyle of an active parent. Underwear, the right underwear, helps them stay on top of their dad duties, and they both take pride in what fatherhood offers them, whether that’s helping make goodness in the world, according to Adam, or the process of, well, making the boys, in Luke’s estimation. But for real, Luke also likes playing with Legos with his oldest son.

These dads are proud of the way they’ve tried to stave off “dad-bod,” but they go about it in different brands. Luke shows us his Calvins, and Adam reveals the 2(X)IST that he prefers. What does their underwear say about them? For Luke, his underwear tells (and shows us) that he is put together and athletic; for Adam, his underwear tells us that he’s a flirt.

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Video: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

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0 thoughts on “Boxers or Briefs: Father’s Day Edition

  1. Duane Weisbrich says:

    This dad prefers low-rise briefs or string-bikini style briefs. Like the comfort and function; both are served well (for me) with these styles. Getting older, or becoming a father, doesn’t mean the underwear choice has to get ‘older’, so to speak. It is the one part of the wardrobe that I can have as much fun with as I wish.

  2. Michael Persad says:

    I’m a dad for almost 22 years – My favorite brand is Andrew Christian and my preference is for briefs although I would occasionally wear boxers. Second in my brand line-up is Calvin Klein and third is Armani.

  3. Neal says:

    I am an older dad but I love the feel of Bulge . I am more of a boxer/boxer brief guy. Any one that gives me a pouch for my junk works for me.

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