Bluebuck Jockstraps

Bluebuck Jockstraps

Welcome to the world of Bluebuck, where the ethos and the models aren’t engineered only for the world of gym memberships and salons; rather, they’re forged in the wilderness of riverbeds and waterfronts. These jocks are at home working with the chiseled masculinity of model Andrew Ramming, who blends in seamlessly with the naturalistic setting of this shoot. Bluebuck jockstraps encapsulate an aesthetic that brings out the sexiness of hewn lumber, chopping and sweating, and in this photoshoot Ramming showcases the brand’s commitment to real-world outside-the-box beauty. Below you’ll see model Andrew Ramming in its element: outdoors, raw, and rugged in the landscape.

In these naturalistic poses, Ramming reminds us of one element of Bluebuck and Bluebuck jockstraps that is key to the brands approach to the industry: 100% organic cotton, free of synthetic fertilizers and promoting of generative soil that keeps our ecosystem in balance, just as Ramming does in this impressive jockstrap. The materials for all of Bluebuck’s products are grown in Europe, where they’re also crafted.


Here we see Ramming among the elements, reminding us the a well-made jock is meant to be able to withstand the toughest of activities, from hiking, to lifting and sawing. In Bluebuck, you’ll feel the freedom of a jock with the support you need for all your outdoor excursions in a soft waistband and strong straps.


Ramming owns these woods, tossing logs over his head in Bluebuck jockstraps, showing us how these jocks have become peak performers in the world athletic jocks, able to move with you and stand up to the most dynamic activities, just like those in which we see Ramming engaged amidst the trees.

How will Bluebuck jockstraps change your approach to the outdoors? What makes you a Bluebuck man? Let us know your thoughts by commenting in the section below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Bluebuck

Photo credit: Bluebuck

Model: Andrew Ramming

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  1. Eric says:

    This brand is crap!!! Wore their Navy and White striped jockstrap ONCE and it broke. Not even anything strenuous, just out to the bars. Avoid this brand

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