Americana Abroad

Aware Soho, the brand that loves to boast Americana abroad, has several styles and cuts that will help you celebrate your patriotism this July 4th, a holiday we all know requires some wardrobe planning, even it’s just so you’re ready to relax. Today we’re letting you in on several of our favorite America-centric pieces that you can add to your closet ahead of the holiday.

The first of these is the San Diego Swimming Trunk, a sporty and stylish trunk for those of you local to SoCal, but also great for wherever you can find a beach. The trunks are 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex, so you can be comfortable in and out of the water if you want to stay ready to get wet throughout the holiday weekend. The pouch enhances, and the bright red fabric with wrapping white stripe will ensure you get noticed.


What says America better than camouflage? The Camouflage Trunks are a sturdy but supple cotton and elastane blend, obstacle courses beware. These trunks have black cotton panels and non-constricting leg openings that will allow you a full range of motion, whether you’re put to the test or not. Aware Soho contends that these trunks are so comfortable, they’re the closest to going commando that you’ll ever feel!


Okay, so it’s never fun to have to put a shirt on during Fourth of July weekend, but if you do, you know, to go into a restaurant, for example, have the Aware Soho Sixty Nine Tank Top in your bag. This tank is made of a fantastically breathable polyester, so you can still enjoy the summer air after you cover up. Perfect over the swim trunks above, or any other Aware Soho shorts or swimwear you happen to pack, this tank is a versatile addition to your summer wardrobe.


How do you plan to celebrate the Fourth of July with Aware Soho? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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0 thoughts on “Americana Abroad

  1. Matt says:

    I love form fitting swim trunks but pray tell me why ALL of them have to be sooooo SHORT!!!!!!
    Is there some hidden rule I do not know about or what?????

    The Aware Soho red shots looks great but why I cant get that in 10 inch leg??????

    And it seems like ALL THE DESIGNERS DO TE EXACT SAME THING!!!! Its as if ALL the mens swimwear designers have to answer to some MOB boss gangster who demands that all swimwear for men be skimpy short!!!

    For God sake put some length on some of these designs. I could barely find a swimwear with the same length as a regular boxer brief!!!!!!!!

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