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There are days when you have to do it all: work, play, go out, entertain, but there are also days when you can stay closer to home. The common assumption is that the days you get to spend at home require less of you than the days when you wear dozens of hats, but the fact is that even when you’re at home, you’re busy, and you can exert as much energy without leaving your apartment or condo as you can running back and forth across town all day and night. Today we’re recommending that your next day at home is spent in Obviously, the Australian brand that can accommodate you morning to night and back again, proving that 24 hours in Obviously is a pleasure, regardless of where you spend the day.


The Obviously Downtown AnatoMAX Hipster Trunk is the trunk you wake up in, the trunk in which you can roll out of bed, make coffee, and assess what needs to be done. With a low-slung hipster style and pouch that offers maximum space and comfort, you can relax at the kitchen table or breakfast counter and make a list, read the paper, and prepare a meal, mulling over the day’s demands in style and Obviously’s custom-made four-way stretch fabric.


After the trunk, you can take advantage of Obviously’s Downtown AnatoMAX Jockstrap and Boxer Brief. Though you were trying to truly luxuriate, even catch up on some reading in the morning, the messages and emails kept coming. Soon, your day at home was turning into a day at the office, and you needed to slip down to the fitness center for some rowing. That’s when the jock came in handy and you were able to imagine yourself miles away, paddles in hand, aided by the fact that Obviously’s jock eliminates the distraction of readjusting and keeps your body temperature lower. Back upstairs, the boxer can get you back in the mood for relaxation, maybe some take-out and turn-the-phone-off. The boxer’s 9-inch leg keeps you relaxed and intact, holding those muscles you just worked and letting you sink back into the couch for a night away from it all.

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