teamm8’s April M8 of the Month

teamm8's April M8

We’re super excited to talk about teamm8’s April M8 of the Month Josh Moss. This April, teamm8 has chosen Josh as their Everyday Champion, a true embodiment of the spirit of the brand and of the Aussie way of life. teamm8’s April pick is spot on and, in an interview with the brand, Josh tells us about what motivates him and how he plans to lead a successful life.

Photographed in Sydney by James Demitri, Josh Moss earns his place as April’s M8 by looking fine in teamm8’s swimwear. Josh is currently studying film and loves the profession so much that he’s willing to work his hardest to be a part of the industry be it behind or in front of the camera. Surely, he looks great in front of James’ camera so we have high hopes for the guy.

Signed by DIVISION2MGMT, this soon to be movie star has a look made for the screen. One of his best talents is mucking around with his mates, but he also enjoys staying healthy and fit. This keeps him focused and able to work through tougher days.

This Everyday Champion is a kind spirit, doing his best to help out a friend in need and looking up to his parents for advice and support. A champion in his eyes is “someone who never gives up on their dream, no matter what the criticism, how tough the road there will be and whatever sacrifices they have to make. The vision of making the dream into a reality outweighs all those things.”

We couldn’t agree more Josh! And we’re wishing him the best of luck as he continues to pursue his dreams.

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Photo Credit: James Dimitri

Model Credit: Josh Moss

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