SUPing Swim Briefs

SUPing Swim Briefs

The latest exercise craze is actually not so crazy. In fact, it’s really quite fun. SUPing, or Stand Up Paddle boarding, is a great way to get out into the sun while exercising around the bay. Many surf or boat shops will rent you a board and a paddle, and all you need to do is get into the water and stand on it. SUPing Swim Briefs are a great look for this fitness activity as you’ll be spending most of your time above the water.

Learning how to balance on a SUP Board takes a little practice, but the board’s buoyancy is really strong and you’ll be surprised with how much you can move around on your board. Once you get comfortable, you can even try a few balancing yoga positions like Eagle Pose or a Supported Headstand.

So what do you wear to SUP? We’ve got you covered. Try any of these SUPing Swim Briefs!

Ron Dorff Swim Trunks Big Stripes: This swim brief has BIG stripes so you won’t be missed as you paddle around the water, working out and having fun. The bold design is great too, distracting onlookers if you’re a noob to the sport and keep falling in the water.

aussieBum Vintage Stripes Gable: The vintage stripes give a throwback with their Tent City colors. The retro style is perfect for cruising the lake or bay, bringing back the hip 50s swim look.

Boys Get Wet Regular Camo: This fun camo swim brief fits like a glove to your figure, making sure you look great while you get in your full-body workout. The bright and new camo design shows that you know how to ride in style.

Have you ever been SUPing? What body of water did you do it on? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brands: Ron Dorff, aussieBum, Boys Get Wet

Photo Credit: Ron Dorff, aussieBum, Boys Get Wet


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