Stripe Out: Mosmann Striped Underwear

Mosmann Striped Underwear

When it comes down to the most basic of basic essentials for an underwear drawer, you’re ultimately left with solids and stripes. And while solids are– well, a solid choice, they are a bit simple compared to their striped counterpart. Stripes appeal to the eye in just the way you want when it comes to underwear. Today we find out what bold under and modern looks Australian-based brand Mosmann has to offer as we explore Mosmann striped underwear.

Chevron Stripe

Mosmann Striped Underwear 2

A hip, bolder take on the classic linear stripe, the Mosmann Teepee collection is the perfect way to bring your striped underwear collection into the 21st century. Available in three colorways: red, yellow and green, most items are paired with a navy blue while the red brief is paired with white for a brighter look.

Thin Striped

Mosmann Striped Underwear 1

If you’re a fan of a thinner-striped look, Mosmann has you covered with multiple patterns including the Bradley, Summer Sunset, Ash and Neon lines. A stand out for us here is the Neon Micromodal trunk, which boasts an array of colors. The stripes are segmented by colors pieced together around the entirety of the trunk.

Thick Stripe

Mosmann Striped Underwear 3

The Mosmann Lagoon, Riviera, Laguna and Aura trunks are the perfect answer to the man who prefers thick over thin. The Aura trunk has the thickest stripes by far with only three bold stripes. The other three trunks are a bit thinner but still hold their own as thick striped underwear. Any of these items may also be the perfect choice is you’re a fan of a blue palette!

BONUS: Striped Socks and Loungewear

Mosmann Striped 4

If you’re looking for something to pair with your Mosmann striped underwear, look no further. Mosmann offers a variety of striped socks which are all available in part of a three pack. The brand also has a striped boxer and v-neck.

Do you prefer striped underwear over solids? Which specific item in our Mosmann striped underwear coverage would you most like to wear? Do you have an opinion on thicker or thinner stripes? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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