Packing List: NYC With Mack Weldon

While Milan and Paris may constantly battle it for the number one spot as the fashion capital of the world, there’s no denying New York City dominates the fashion world. Whether it’s the famed garment district, the small boutiques in Meatpacking, or the cooler-than-cool street style of Brooklyn, the city breathes fashion. And fashion starts from the inside out, which means underwear is priority. This is why The Underwear Expert has put together a list of underwear for your journey around New York City in the latest Packing List: NYC edition. In keeping with the stylish, chic NYC vibe, we enlisted fashion forward, NYC-based brand Mack Weldon to help map out these unique styles.

Downtown, Wall Street

Packing List: NYC 1

Crisp and proper, you’ll be right at home with the business elite in a white Mack Weldon undershirt and matching 18 hour cotton white brief.

Uptown, Central Park

Packing List: NYC 2

For that essential stroll through Central Park, Mack Weldon offers the perfect leisurewear to look good and feel.

Brooklyn, Williamsburg


You’re in Williamsburg! Be Hip! Be Creative! Be a tad bit pretentious and show off your striped socks with your skinny jeans cuffed up super high; and pair those socks with a bold, striped boxer brief.

Staten Island Ferry

Packing List: NYC 6

Things can get a little breezy on the ferry so not only does Mack Weldon have you covered below the waist (with a fine pair of woven boxers) but the brand also has a Merino wool top to keep you looking good and staying warm.

Hudson River Park

Packing List: NYC 11

Feel like a real New Yorker and go for a jog through the park. But do this in a trunk and crew from Mack Weldon’s Silver line. Made from performance materials, the underwear will keep you dry with it’s moisture wicking properties.

Midtown, Times Square

Packing List: NYC 22


Shine like the stars of Broadway in a bright yellow Mack Weldon trunk. Maybe even hit up the Naked Cowboy and discus underwear preferences…

Do you have any underwear packing travel tips? What do you think of the underwear and loungewear for this Packing List: NYC with Mack Weldon? Will you be bringing Mack Weldon on your next vacation? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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