Mix ‘N Match: Radical Radical Energy Outfits

Whenever summer rears its head around the corner, the first thing many people talk about is getting into shape. It’s all about getting the perfect ‘beach body.’  But frankly at The Underwear Expert, what your body looks like is nowhere near as important as what’s on it. For us, summer is all about getting the perfect ‘beach outfit.’ This season, that task was made much easier with the help of LA-based brand Radical Energy. We were able to find some of the hottest Radical Energy tops to match with their stylish swimwear. Don’t believe us? Well, check out these six Radical Energy outfits below and see for yourself.

Loy Skull Tee x Fred Razor Wire Green Swim Short

Radical Energy Outfits 1

Nothing says beach ready like skulls and razor wire right? Well, there’s nothing wrong with a little outfit intimidation to make sure you secure the perfect spot on the beach.

Vance Peacemaker Tank x Brian Urban Camo Swim Trunk

Radical Energy Outfits 9

Those guns from the Vance Peacemaker tank are pointing to exactly what you want to show off… Some kickass, modern camo swim trunks.

Loy Ammo Tee x Gary Ammo Black Brief

Radical Energy Outfits 56

Simple yet aggressive, and stylish sums up this pairing of full bullet-wear. Definitely brings a new meaning to the term, ‘packing heat.’

Vance Grenade Tank x Luke Radical Black Swim Brief

Radical Energy Outfits 6

Pairing an explosively cool Grenade tank with a simple black swim brief is a surefire way to draw attention your way, and show off some of your best assets.

Loy LA Bullets Tee x Fred Brass Knuckles Orange Swim Short


Another bold pairing, the bright, brass knuckle-print bottoms matched with a white tee featuring a LA bullet print will have everyone agreeing with you that LA beats NYC (even if they don’t believe it).

Vance Radical Tank x Frason LA Orange Swim Short

Radical Energy Outfits 23

Probably the most tame of all the Radical Energy outfits, this pairing is also the best way for you to show some brand loyalty!

Do you have your Summer beach gear ready to go? What’s your favorite pairing from these Radical Energy outfits? Will you be sporting any of these looks at your local beach? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Radical Energy

Photo Credit: Radical Energy

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