Marco Marco Chiaroscuro – Giancarlo Annitto

Shaun Vadella’s Marco Marco chiaroscuro of model Giancarlo Annitto captures the art of the technique. In the this short but potent set of photos, Vadella creates striking contrasts by catching Annitto’s torso with a single warm yellow light, and the black background does the rest of the work to bring his form into stunning relief. Annitto’s torso stretches and contracts, showing you not only the shadows within his form, but how to wear this fantastic underwear from Hollywood-based Marco Marco.

Vadella’s cinematic technique creates a minimalist canvas on which we can focus on the art of his work, the form of the model, and the fit of what he’s wearing. The gold of the briefs Annitto wears complements the color of his chest, abs, and arms, and his beard adds a subtler shadow to the composition. In Italy, Chiaroscuro had historically been executed using wood cuts and ink, but Vadella’s photos Annitto are crisp and hot enough to suggest that he just may be making an allusion to the history of this technique through the rough and chiseled effect he produces with Annitto.

You’ll look twice at this Marco Marco chiaroscuro to see how Vadella plays with Annitto’s shadows. Is it agony or ecstasy that makes the model writhe? What does he affect in the viewer? These poses both reveal and conceal, a function of the light/dark contrast and a statement about the unspoken predicament that governs the series. This Marco Marco chiaroscuro draws you in while keeping you at a desirous distance, exactly what you might hope to achieve with a pair of Marco Marco underwear, regardless of for whom you model.

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For more information on the brand: Marco Marco

Photo Credit: Shaun Vadella

Model Credit: Giancarlo Annitto

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  1. D. Jones says:

    Have ordered ur x -lg. under wear. Why not do xx-large…ur sizes are small…big guys who really like ur designs….we want to look sexy 2

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