Male Power FUNderwear

Male Power FUNderwear

Have some FUNderwear in Male Power Underwear! Male Power offers a few really sexy and fun pairs of underwear that can spice up your night life and bring a smile to your partner. Bring costume creativity to the world of your underwear drawer with Male Power. If you’re looking for a new underwear experience, Male Power FUNderwear is where it’s at! The novelty pairs of underwear from the brand accentuate what you’ve got by making it the centerpiece of creatively designed bikinis!

Mr. Nose Bikini: Excite and invite in this fun pair from Male Power. The Mr. Nose Bikini is a really fun way to make the bedroom more interesting. Mr. Nose is the man hiding in your underwear and the only way to make him come out is to give him a nose! The eyes and mouth frame your goods and you are the final element. Interactive fun is this bikini’s game.

Toucan Bikini: Everyone knows that a toucan’s most precious asset is its beak. Slip your precious assets into this funky pair of underwear and turn your goods into the face of a toucan. Two can play at this game! Have some fun with your partner and both rock a pair.

Hot Lips Bikini: The Rolling Stones made lips hot, but Male Power made Hot Lips. The Hot Lips Bikini features lips as the centerpiece with an opening so that your manliness can come out when you want it to. The bright red lips kiss but never tell.

How do you like to have FUNderwear? What kinds of novelty underwear do you like to wear? How do you get creative with underwear? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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