Founding Fathers Favorite Underwear

With the Hamilton craze sweeping the nation and election news hitting our social media feeds all day long, now is the perfect time to think about American historical figures and their underwear. Why not take a trip back in time to meet a few of our Founding Fathers and think about their favorite kinds of underwear? We’re going back to the days of the American Revolution to contemplate the undergarments of the Founding Fathers.

Alexander Hamilton: Between establishing a national bank and playing a major role in the American Revolution, Alexander was one of the most famous of our Founding Fathers. We like to think he wore the Thermaluxe Thermal Set from Tani. This rags to riches man changed many lives, and this thermal set would serve him well during one of the Northeast’s many cold winters.

John Adams: This political theorist and our Second President of the United States drafted the Declaration of Independence. His legacy will live on for generations as we continue to teach about the history of the founding of this country. From his desk in Massachusetts, Adams might have worn something like the PUMP! Blue Steele Brief, which supports and is in fashion.

Thomas Jefferson: The Third President of the United States was a noble figure, working in politics for most of his career. While he organized the Louisiana Purchase, he was probably wearing something like the Mack Weldon 18 Hour Jersey Trunk, which keeps its wearer comfortable and mobile. It also fits well under pants and jeans.

Benjamin Franklin: Our main man, Ben Franklin, merits a special attention. This inventor brought us some great research in electricity after all! All of that work required a boxer brief that could work as much as he did. We imagine Benjamin in the Obviously Downtown AnatoMAX Boxer Brief, which has maximum comfort and a lot of space.

What do you love most about Hamilton on Broadway? Are you going to see the show? Which of our founding fathers was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Tani, PUMP!, Mack Weldon, Obviously


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