Flower Power in Flower Prints!

Flower Power

Summer calls for fresh cut grass, calm thunder storms, and some real flower power. The bright blue skies and the sun shining all day invites us to wear something light and fun and worthy of rolling in a field of freshly blossomed flowers. Strawberry fields forever in the floral print underwear of your summer wonderland fantasies.

Bodyaware Venus Flycatcher Seamless Brief: The Venus Flytrap is known for being one of the most fascinating examples of nature doing its thing. It’s a pretty cool plant on a pretty cool brief. Add a lot of character to your brief and become one with nature in the Venus Flycatcher Seamless Brief. This brief is available in sizes S-XXL for $16.50.

Flower Power

Sleepy Jones Jasper Boxer Short Liberty: This is the ultimate flower boxer short. Its shades of black, green, blue and red create a colorful and earthy design. The Sleepy Jones Jasper Boxer Short is a really classy boxer as well, looking just as fresh as a floral print button up. This boxer is available in sizes XS-XL for $48.

Flower Power

Freegun Boxer Homme Zeb Jaune: The Freegun Boxer features not just bright, beautiful red flowers but zebras too! Walk into the mysteries of the summer jungle in this boxer and experience the season of day dreaming, sunglasses and adventure. This boxer is available in sizes S-XXL for $12.50.

Flower Power

This summer season is the season for dreamin’. Spend the afternoon in the field of flowers in a new pair of underwear. Go get your bees a buzzin’ and pollinate these floral boxers and briefs.

Have you got major flower power? Or perhaps a green thumb? How do you plan to cultivate a beautiful garden this summer? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brands: Bodyaware, Sleepy Jones, Freegun

Photo Credit: Bodyaware, Sleepy Jones, Freegun


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