Let’s Help Eroix Kickstart Underneathwear

Eroix Kickstart

Oftentimes all a great idea needs is a little kickstart. Jenn and Parker, founders of Eroix, strive to create “globally comfortable” work and that is why they want to start a line of underwear like we’ve never seen before. They’ve set out to build Eroix Underneathwear, a first layer of clothing that you love to put on. Their brand embodies the couple’s drive and desire to make a quality product for the everyday man. Let’s help Eroix kickstart their idea by pledging to the recently launched Eroix Kickstarter campaign.

Eroix Kickstart

The makers of Eroix wanted to create something that settled all of the issues we have with standard underwear. Boxers often bunch and rise under jeans. And the frustration of rollup from boxer briefs is all too real. So what did Eroix decide to do? They decided to say “NoLastic” to Elastic and change the constrictive nature of many generic underwear brands.

The Eroix Underneathwear fits well under any of your outerwear. Skinny jeans are no longer on the “Do Not Wear” list because of the sleek tailoring of Underneathwear. Two styles make the product versatile: The Boardroom has a button closure and The Suit & Tied has a drawstring closure.

Eroix Kickstart

Any amount helps to make the Underneathwear a reality. Jenn and Parker have already done extensive work on this project, working for nearly two years and making 300 test runs to perfect the cut and style. All they need now is your help to make the minimum order with the manufacturer. Check out the list of rewards for various dollar donations, which range from $1 shoutouts to $1000 tours of O’ahu with the designers and lots of gear. We’d love to see how these creators hang ten off the coast of Waikiki and roam about the island in the comfort of their own design.

Eroix Kickstart

Take a look at their Kickstarter Campaign Page and to learn more about why this brand is worth supporting.

Will you help Eroix get the kickstart they need to deliver an amazing new product? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Eroix

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