Complete The Look: Mack Weldon

CTL: Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon consistently brings us innovative pieces to add to our ever-growing underwear collection. But there comes a time when we have to go out to do people things like wearing clothes over our underwear. That’s right. It’s time for another edition of Complete the Look. This time, we’re doing the CTL: Mack Weldon Edition.

CTL: Mack Weldon

1. Underneath: The Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Briefs are a performance pair of boxer briefs, made from 84% Pima cotton, 10% XT2, and 6% Lycra. Wear them all day long and stay fresh with the antimicrobial and anti-odor fabric.

2. On Top: The Mack Weldon Silver Crew Neck will match well with the comfortable fit of your Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Briefs. The crew neck is simple with the Pima cotton, and you’ll feel confident in your ability to go about the day feeling fresh.

3. Over: Throw on the Spiewak Spitfire MA-1 Bomber Jacket over your Mack Weldon for a casual, cool look. The Olive Green color of the jacket delivers earthy tones that match many different outfits and surroundings. The bomber jacket is appropriate for daily wear or a fashionable night out.

4. Down Low: For a non-jean, casual look the Bonobos Slim Fit Washed Cotton Chinos slip on perfectly over your Mack Weldon boxer briefs. The light, khaki color matches well with the bomber jacket.

5. On The Toes: adidas are back and the classic look in the Stan Smith Eco Sneaker completes this outfit.

Which of these items will you sport to complete the look? Which Mack Weldon brief is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Mack Weldon

Photo Credit: Mack Weldon, PolyVore, Nordstrom

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