Cruisin’ in Cocksox

Cruisin' in Cocksox

Ready to hop on the Royal Caribbean and cruise to that tropical destination? Us too. We’re dying to get on a boat headed straight for idyllic beaches. So all aboard the cruise ship to paradise in your favorite Cocksox swimwear because this journey is just getting started. Are you excited for some Cruisin’ in Cocksox?

Bahamas: See sea turtles! Dock in Nassau and travel around by jet ski to some of the best tropical destinations in the world. Snorkel off the coast of those white sand beaches in the Drawstring Swim Brief Birds of Paradise.

Virgin Islands: Which will you cruise to? The British or the US Virgin Islands? Your move, buddy. Though St. Thomas sounds pretty nice this time of year. Look hot in those crystal blue waters in the Drawstring Swim Brief Kaleidoscopic and never doubt your happiness on the shores of paradise.

Puerto Vallarta: Viva la vida en Mexico! Your cruise is taking you across the international borders of the sea. Brush up on your Spanish for this trip to the paradise that is Puerto Vallarta. Chug that margarita, order a Corona and enjoy the sun in the Swim Thong Kingsnake.

Norway: Maybe not your classic cruise option, but the summer months call for unique summer vacation experiences! Head up to Norway and around the Fjords on your 10-day European cruise. While you may not be swimming on the beach, you’ll definitely need the Boy Leg Swim Brief Bondi Splash for all of the hottubbing that is to be done!

Which tropical destination will you be cruising toward this holiday season? Which of the Cocksox Swim Briefs will you don on your summer cruise vacation? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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