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Cocksox, the brand that has been bringing you some of the world’s finest underwear and swimwear for a decade, is now bringing you some of the world’s best value as well. In this case, Cocksox value can be measured in multiples, as in packs of threes and fours of this sexy, provocative, and stylish brand’s cuts, from boxer to brief, jockstrap to thong. And Cocksox doesn’t just have briefs, but they also have waistband briefs, mesh briefs, and bikini briefs, all of which are available in the same Cocksox value packs we’re happy to announce are no available from this premier Australian brand.


The supple and ventilated signature SUPPLEX fabric that Cocksox features across its lines ensures that all its underwear makes the average day feel exceptional, regardless of what style one prefers. Across all the styles one finds in Cocksoxs value packs, one finds the signature Cocksox pouch, supportive and flexible, strong enough to hold everything in place for the active man and the more reserved gentleman, both.


The signature pouch represents the Cocksox brand in the sense that it understands each man is an individual, that it reveals a masculine profile with contour and class that all men can appreciate. The next time you’re looking to upgrade your underwear wardrobe, look no further than Cocksox value packs, where you’ll be able to buy plenty, ensuring you pack a punch each and every day. Take a look at what Cocksox value can offer you at your opportunity and see what the world of Cocksox is all about.

With Cocksox value packs, you’ll be able to wear the best every single day. What Cocksox style is your favorite? For home? Work? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Cocksox

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