Cocksox Color By Season

Cocksox Color

Color by the season and get into a pair of underwear from Cocksox! Match the mood of the season to the mood of your underwear in these sexy pairs of Cocksox underwear. Cocksox color is the best kind of color there is. The bright and bold briefs from the brand make all year long fun and fresh. Here are our picks for Cocksox briefs to match the colors of the seasons. Set the tone for an amazing year in colors of underwear that spice up the season. This summer season in particular offers sexy and sunny colors that we can’t wait to get into.

Fall: The leaves begin to change, and the colors are gorgeous. Reds, yellows, and fiery oranges make up the palate of this season. Warm up in the CX01 Brief in Emperor Red.

Winter: Bundling up for winter strolls is excellent for adding wardrobe accessories. But if it’s too cold to go outside, we’re cool with cuddling by the fireplace or the radiator and staying in bed all day with Netflix. Deep blues and whites paint this snowy season. Join the color scheme in the CX03 Waistband Brief in Azure Blue.

Spring: Finally, things begin getting warmer and we can be more revealing in our underwear choices. Brightly colored flowers bloom in this season. Go with the CSX76 Sports Brief in Ghost Grey with the pink lining to match those rainy clouds and the pops of color that those showers bring.

Summer: Last but not least comes our favorite season for sexy underwear: Summer! Summer brings fun, outgoing, and bold colors to our wardrobe. Fortunately, summer is upon us and we can jump into this pair today! Maybe even get a few colors that suggest boating and sailing. Hit the boardwalk in the Ahoy Gold CX76ST Sports Brief.

Which season is your favorite? What colors do you associate with each season? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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