Climbing Gyms & Reaching Goals

Climbing Gym

Reaching your fitness goals can be one of the best experiences you have. If you want to stay in shape and have fun, Climbing Gyms are one of the latest and greatest ways to get in a good workout without feeling like you’re at the gym. The levels of intensity on the walls vary, making this an option for people coming from all backgrounds of climbing experience. Due to the nature of climbing as a sport that requires a lot of lower body movement, you’ll also need to consider the underwear that you sport when you climb.

For climbing, you’ll want a performance underwear that allows you to stretch and move around uninhibited. It’ll also be crucial that your underwear doesn’t bunch up when wearing a harness. We’ve selected a few paris that will help you reach new heights and your fitness goals.

Malebasics Men’s Sports Performance Hip Brief: This hip brief’s slim design and soft fabric make for a good climbing brief. They provide a gentle support without so much fabric that they’ll get in your way. Available in turquoise blue, the hip brief is also easy on the eyes.

Ergowear Max Mesh Boxer: This boxer brief has a very breathable fabric that does well when you get heated on the wall. The Max Mesh Boxer works well as a first layer underneath your climbing workout shorts as it is shorter than your average boxer brief and highly ergonomic.

Calvin Klein Iron Strength Micro Boxer Brief: The stretch of this boxer brief allows for 360 degree movement. When you’re out or up being active, this boxer brief moves with the contours of your body.

Do you love to climb? Do you prefer bouldering or top roping? What kind of underwear do you wear when you climb? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brands: Calvin Klein Underwear, Malebasics, Ergowear

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein Underwear, Malebasics, Ergowear


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