If you haven’t seen the video for the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO Fashion Show yet– well, stop what you are doing right now and watch it because you’re missing out on some of the hottest swimwear looks this season, as well as one of the most fun and exiting shows this year. With a fast paced tone and entertaining models, we saw fantastic designs flew down the runway. The Underwear Expert has now gotten its hands on some BTS CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO photos from the runway to allow a more detailed look into the items worn on the catwalk, shot by photographer Ken Alcazar.

A good chunk of the swimwear has yet to be released (although we are counting down the days). However CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO did release this statement regarding the new swim to The Underwear Expert: “The underwear is going to be called Gostoso which is Portuguese for Yummy and our new line is part of the Hampton’s Collection.”

In addition to the new swimwear, several CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO favorites are also seen on models strutting down the runway. This includes the TECHNO and BRASIL SPORT swimsuit, which both offer up a stylish sense of fun colors. There also looks to be a color update to the VERSAILLES swimsuit, as well as a new RMWS PROMO swimsuit, with a new print on the rear reading ‘Rio 16.’

In addition to swimwear, CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO also debuted new tanks, tops, jewelry and caps, including a color update to the ‘I Am Californian’ cap. Fun, floral, bright, and tropical looks dominated the show, much to everyone’s enjoyment. And let us not forget the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO beach ball rolling around the catwalk at different points of the show. From models stripping off tanks and towels, to models dabbing at the end of the runway, the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO truly had it all. Check out the photos below to see for yourself.

In addition to the runway shots, we also have additional BTS CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO photos taken backstage by photographer Albert Lopez. Here we get to see the models more laid back, posing for some photos, while just hanging around in others. This also means models prepping, talking to one and other, and fitting in some additional workout time. Check out the photo below to see what exactly happens backstage and behind the scenes with CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO.

With a more focused look, which specific item from the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO fashion show do you like best? What was your favorite part of the BTS CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO photos? Let us know your thoughts by commenting in the section below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO

Runway Photographer: Ken Alcazar

Backstage Photographer: Albert Lopez

All Photos Copyright of CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO

Sponsored by CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO


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